Drunk mum drags daughter, 8, behind car as tot tries to stop her drink-driving

A drunk mum hauled her eight-year-old daughter along behind her SUV after the small child tried to stop her drink driving, say cops.

Erin Garcia, 44, allegedly got into the vehicle at around 11:30pm, with her young kid following to raise concerns she had drank too much to drive.

The little girl “grabbed the passenger’s door handle and told Garcia to stop”, according to the Placentia Police Department, reports the Daily Mail.

But undeterred, Garcia “looked at the child and proceeded to drive away”, the cops added.

She dragged her daughter a whopping 300 feet along the ground before stopping when a passer-by intervened in the chaos.

Cops who responded to the incident, on Garcia's mother's house on Orchid Drive in Laguna Niguel, arrived at 11:37pm.

They found Garcia’s daughter with “abrasions to her legs and feet”, police say.

She was raced to hospital, in the company of her grandma, alongside the other victim.

As cops tried to arrest Garcia, they found her “hiding in some bushes in the backyard”.

When they attempted to take her to a cell, she resisted and kicked the officers.

In video footage obtained by ABC7, Garcia is shown wearing a floral shirt and cut up t-shirt before she’s put down on a patch of grass and handcuffed.

A cop can be heard saying: “Ma'am, I can't feel my thumb.”

The clip also shows Garcia stumbling towards a police SUV with her head hanging.

Orange County Jail put three charges against the mum, and she faces accusations of assault with a deadly weapon, child endangerment and battery against a police officer in court.

It comes after a drunk mum ordered her horse to attack a group of kids who laughed at her for urinating at a petrol station.

Rebecca Dawn Parnell, 31, had mounted her horse after an evening of drinking rum and cokes – but when she stopped to spend a penny, she was angered by kids who made fun of her.

The mum then tried making her horse kick at the children to scare them off, but in a costly blunder her powerful pet hoofed a parked car.

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