Edmonton man warns others after stranger walks in to his house through unlocked door

It was a frightening experience for David Luhoway — one that has him telling others to keep a lookout and keep doors locked.

When the 66-year-old’s wife left for work Monday morning, he went to the bathroom in their home near 79 Street and Argyll Road to shave.

Shortly after, he heard the unlocked back door open again and thought it was his wife returning because she’d forgotten something.

Luhoway said when he called out, no one answered. When he went to look, he saw a stranger right in front of him.

“I came face to face with somebody I didn’t recognize,” Luhoway said.

“The second I saw him, I just reacted. I started screaming and swearing to get out of the house.

“He was having none of it, he was doing his own thing. He was pointing, mumbling and talking and I just couldn’t understand him, and he just kept walking around.”

Luhoway said it appeared the man had been packing a bag with food off of his counter, including bagels and cookies.

Luhoway said the man swatted at him.

“I have mobility issues and if he struck me, I’m going to lose in that battle. So that’s why, in retrospect, I should have probably grabbed the phone as soon as I could, and headed out the door and then called 911.”

Luhoway said after he called 911, the man left, but he didn’t appear to take anything. Luhoway said police arrived shortly after.

Police said the accused was found at the intersection of 99 Street and 73 Avenue and was taken into custody.

“The fact that he entered the house, because I left the door unlocked, even though I was home, I just thought was kind of a cautionary tale,” Luhoway said.

“It’s kind of a lesson learned.”

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