Elon Musk’s Twitter firings dubbed ‘real-life Squid Game’ as staff get emails

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    Elon Musk's mass Twitter sackings have been compared to the real-life "Squid Game" as staff begin to be let go by email.

    The world's richest man reportedly plans to lay-off some 3,700 employees following his lengthy $44billion (£38bn) acquisition of the social media platform.

    That would account for roughly 50% of Twitter's workforce, with an email sent to staff on Thursday (November 3) reading: “In an effort to place Twitter on a healthy path, we will go through the difficult process of reducing our global workforce on Friday.”

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    BBC News presenter Victoria Valentine said this morning (Friday, November 4): "Here in the UK, people would've been fast asleep – if they managed to get any sleep at all – and these emails started coming in.

    "It is utterly brutal, utterly brutal.

    "So all of a sudden the office is closed, staff passes are revoked, access to emails has gone, access to servers has gone, access to Slack – the internal system that everyone uses – has gone.

    "And what we are hearing from reports out in the States and our reporter in San Francisco is that maybe up to 50%, half of the workforce, has gone overnight."

    Twitter is now facing a lawsuit from former employees in the US, who argue they were not given enough notice under US federal law regarding their sackings.

    Dozens posted online that they had been let go even before today after discovering they no longer had access to work systems.

    Reacting on Twitter, some people have compared the sackings to Squid Game, a South Korean horror/survival drama on Netflix that sees people compete to the death in challenges for a big cash prize.

    One tweet read: "Put simply, without some form of direct regulation preventing it Elon Musk would be making the Twitter employees play Squid Games right now instead of gamifying layoffs.

    "Is it good that the government allows him to gamify layoffs? No. But it can get worse."

    Another Twitter user superimposed Musk's head onto the Squid Game Doll from the series' infamous Red Light Green Light scene.

    A third tweet read: "Elon Musk announces #Twitter mass layoffs to begin Friday – dismissal by mail? Respectless! Destroys trust. Mr @elonmusk should think twice before organizing his own squid game."

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    A fourth said: "Musk is a cruel psychopath, and the Twitter layoffs are purely for public spectacle and his amusement. Twitter is now a real-life version of Squid Game."

    "Elon Musk is basically one of the rich sponsors in Squid Game," another person wrote.

    "Especially the layoffs today at Twitter. Cold and psychopathic, and complete disregard for other human beings and their existence."


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