Emotional support dog rescued after getting lost in New York City subway tunnels

An emotional support dog has been rescued after getting lost in the New York subway tunnels.

Lucy, who used to be a rescue puppy before becoming and emotional support dog for an elderly woman, escaped from her apartment in Manhattan and ran into a subway station on Saturday.

Her owner, 76-year-old Susan Malone has been hospitalised since last week with a broken arm and leg.

Susan’s daughter Molly Malone said of Lucy: “She definitely has some abuse in her life and is nervous about new people. She’ll be hard to catch.

“She’s been through a lot of things, including the pandemic, when she was my mom’s only companion. She’s the sweetest little thing.”

Luckily Lucy was found about ten hours laters after she was spotted by a train conductor.

She had made it all the way to 34th Street according to Molly who raced with MTA personnel to finally find the lost pooch.

Molly had been to visit Molly at around 11am on Saturday morning when the pup raced out of the door, onto the elevator which happened to have its door open and out of the lobby past the doorman.

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“They won’t let me go down on the tracks because it’s too dangerous, but I think I’m the only one she will come to,” Molly said.

When Lucy was finally located she “came right up to me,” said Molly.

However, the dog did bite the MTA worker who helped collar her before she was finally was able to go back home with Molly.

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Molly added: “We rode the train home, and she sat right next to me like a gentlewoman.”

“She’s tired and she’s drinking a ton of water.

“I’m so thankful for so many people who volunteered to help.”

Lucy was rescued from Puerto Rico about seven years ago, and Molly puts her age to be about nine to ten.

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