England fan says every time son, 7, has gone to toilet during game we’ve scored

Superstitious England fans will be donning lucky shirts, shaving hair, wolfing down vindaloos, and even forcing their children to pee in bizarre bids to keep their football glory dreams alive.

During the tournament, supporters have adopted a wacky range of habits they are convinced are essential to the Three Lions' progress so far.

None of them now dare change their antics during matches in case it jinxes Gareth Southgate's team.

One fan called Paul told the BBC: "Me and my seven-year-old son Henry sit in the same seats on the sofa, wearing freshly cleaned England shirts for each game.

"In two games where he has gotten up to pee, we have scored so we now load him up with water and juice before kick-off. He's doing it for his country!''

Nick said: "Started as a joke sending a picture of me eating a vindaloo before our first game. Now had one before every game except the Scotland game! I really am sick of them now… Can I have something different against the Danes? Doesn't matter does it?''

Barrie said: "I cut my hair 5 mins before Ger-Eng. England won.

"I shaved my head 5 mins before UkrEng. England won.

"My eyebrows don't like where this superstition is taking me.''

Stuart said: "For the Germany game I switched to cider for the 1st time in my football-watching career. It’s blooming awful stuff but I just cannot stop now. I have enough bottles for all the knockout stages of the Euros and the World Cup.''

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Sunil said: "My levels of Euro superstition are reaching crisis proportions. I'm watching every England match at home on the same TV from the same chair, wearing the same 66 red England shirt and one of my late father's sarongs (neither of which can be washed until the tournament ends), just to ensure England keep winning.

"My family thinks I'm crazy but I know I'm making a difference.''

Graham Webster said: "This is the first time I've watched all of England's games at home on my own, looks like I'll have to carry on!''

Vance said: "My daughters bought me an England shirt for an early Father's day gift. I only put it on as Harry Kane leads the team onto the pitch. When the game is over it back up on a hanger. Can't put it in the laundry yet or I might wash the luck out of it!!''

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Greig said: "Superstition – yeah right! Well ok then – England flag is hanging over the fireplace, me in one chair, my son and daughter in the same positions on the couch! Same shirts are worn by all and my lucky joggers on!

"Also – remote controls in exactly the same place. The final piece of the jigsaw – no beers in hand! Couldn't drink in the first match so can't change that now either…as I said, what superstition!!''

Others faced superstition dilemmas for Wednesday's semi-final against Denmark.

Paul said: "I've had to work every game except Scotland.

"I have Wednesday off but don't know whether to record again and walk the dogs so I'm not a jinx!''

Rach said: "Watched all the knockouts with the same group; at the same pub and forced everyone to be in the same seats.

"One is off to London for work, another walking his daughter down the aisle in Antigua this week. I urgently need some backing to get them to cancel!!!''

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