England fans’ worst tats – from Southgate bum inking to ‘2018 World Cup winners’

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As England fans eagerly await the country's first Euro 2020 match against Croatia later today, excitement is once again mounting that football could actually be coming home.

With a squad brimming with youth, hunger and ability, there is a real sense that the national team could be genuine contenders in this year's delayed competition.

But while many of us celebrate the team's wins by having a few drinks with pals, some take their passion and dedication to extreme lengths.

Many have immortalised their heroes by permanently inking their bodies with a variety of weird and wonderful tattoos.

Here, we take a look at some of the worst England tats of all time.

Gareth Southgate's face on teen's bum

A teenager got England manager Gareth Southgate's face and "It's coming home" inked on his backside.

Alex Allan Smith, 18, from Lichfield in Staffordshire, got the bizarre branding while on holiday in Magaluf during the 2018 World Cup..

He had planned to get the tattoo if England got to the final, but decided to show his allegiance before England were knocked out.

“After a few drinks I tossed a coin, heads I would get it after the semi-finals, tails before," he told the Express and Star.

“I got tails so I went straight up to the tattoo parlour to do it."

'Sir' Harry Kane's face and 'World Cup Winners 2018' on bloke's leg

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Superfan Teddy Allen decided to honour England captain Harry Kane by having a massive tattoo of his face on his leg after the side beat Sweden at the 2018 World Cup.

It also included the words "World Cup Winners 2018". But, alas, it wasn't meant to be. England were knocked out by Croatia in the semi-final.

"It was an impulsive decision but I will stand by it," he told the BBC.

The 30-year-old, from Biddulph, Staffordshire, said the tat took four hours to complete.

"The Mrs thinks I'm a bit daft," he added.

Harry Maguire's face on fan's chest

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Defensive stalwart Harry Maguire was also honoured with his face being tattooed on a fan's ches.

Matt Benton, from XXX, posted on social media that he would get the tattoo done if the Three Lions defender scored against Sweden at the last World Cup, which, of course, he did.

And the England fan honoured his bet.

He even tagged Maguire in a tweet showing the finished work – and it caught the defender's attention.

Maguire retweeted the post and wrote: "Cant' believe what I'm seeing… Great effort."

Maguire was so delighted with the tattoo that he told Matt he would sent him a signed shirt from the squad

'Harry Kane 90+1' on man's buttock

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Another ardent Harry Kane supporter was so overjoyed by a last-minute winner at the last World Cup that he decided to get a permanent reminder of the magic moment on his bum.

Known only as Sean, from Tamworth in Staffordshire, had "Harry Kane 90+1" etched into his right buttock shortly after the 2-1 win over Tunisia in Russia.

He even posted a pic of his new inking on social media, with the message: "Harry Kane you beauty."

Sean, who claims he has absolutely zero regrets in spite of the rather basic nature of his tattoo.

"I said if we score I pour my pint over myself, decided to get the tattoo straight after, no regrets," he told Metro.

'England 2018 World Cup Winners' on supporter's belly

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One over-enthusiastic supporter was so convinced England would win the last World Cup that he got a tattoo declaring them as winners before they'd even got through the group stage.

Jamie Richardson, from Kippax in Leeds, had a picture of the World Cup trophy with the words 'England 2018 World Cup Winners' inked on his belly after the team beat Panama 6-0.

"It got to 5-0 up and it just hit me – an epiphany: ‘England are going to the win the World Cup this year. You get the tattoo and they will bring it home.’ And that’s exactly what I did,” Richardson said..

“We’ll see who’s stupid won’t we come two weeks … When we get to the final everybody around here can build a little shrine around me. You can come and touch the tattoo or come and say a prayer to it,” he told the BBC.

Sadly, it didn't quite work out as he'd hoped.

England fan declares Three Lions winners of Euro 2016

Not all tattoos relate to England's heroics at the last World Cup.

This mystery supporter had “Euro Winners 2016” tattooed on his right arm, along with St George’s Cross.

Little else is known about the fan, but needless to say he probably feels a bit daft now, especially as England were infamously knocked out minnows 2-1 by Iceland in the last-16 match.

Still, you can't help but admire his passion and confidence, even if it was a vain.

Hopefully he'll wait a bit longer before committing himself in future.

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