EORN seeks competitive bids to improve cellular service in Eastern Ontario

The first request for proposals to build cellular infrastructure for eastern Ontario was issued on Monday.

The Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) issued its first request for proposals on Monday to identify telecommuniction partners to improve cellular services in rural communities.

EORN, a non-profit created by the Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (EOWC), which represents 11 county municipalities and two single-tier municipalities, along with nine other municipalities, says many gaps are the result of market failure.

“The competitive bidding process will identify telecommunication partners who offer both the expertise and best value for expanded cell coverage in areas where people live, work and travel,” the EORN stated.

Last summer, both the provincial and federal governments committed $71 million each to the $213 million public-private partnership to improve both the reach and quality of mobile broadband services in the region.

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