EU in turmoil as Lukashenko vows to ‘not stop’ crisis – ‘I’m not detaining migrants!’

Alexander Lukashenko vows he will 'not stop' migrants crossing

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In an explosive interview with the BBC, the defiant leader told Steve Rosenberg that he had warned the European Union he will not detain thousands of migrants at the border but instead leave the crisis in the hands of Europe.

Mr Rosenberg said to Mr Lukashenko: “You told the EU that Belarus had been stopping migrants, but now they would have to catch them themselves!

“The migrants took that to mean Belarus is open to them!”

The Belarus president slammed: “I told the EU I am not going to detain migrants on the border, hold them at the border!

“And if they keep coming from now on, I still won’t stop them!”

He said this was because “they are not coming to my country, they are coming to yours” and the problem is therefore Europe’s.

The enraged dictator complained that the west was to blame for the crisis “stopped talking with us and working with us” and 

As a result he concluded Belarus will “sort this problem out ourselves the best we can”.  

The enraged dictator went on to admit his regime had assisted migrants to cross into Europe.

More to follow…

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