EU ‘propaganda’ video in strange English accent completely backfires

European Parliament: ‘What is the EU doing for me?’

The European Parliament recently released a video featuring a speaker with a strong English accent, discussing the various ways in which the European Union (EU) affects the lives of its citizens. The video aimed at taking a look at the EU’s role, highlighting both its advantages and challenges, ahead of the 2024 EU elections.

But the bloc’s bid to spark enthusiasm among its residents backfired as many took to respond to the video posted on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), to lambast the EU project.

In the video, the English-sounding narrator asks: “What’s the EU doing for me? Well, a lot. First, it opens up opportunities.

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“You are free to live, work, and travel across 27 countries In the world’s biggest single market, the EU fights for fairness, acting to tackle the energy crisis and ensure adequate minimum wages.

“It protects us as citizens and consumers, making sure our food is safe, our air is clean, and our online environment secure.

“It also guarantees our rights promoting gender equality and work-life balance, improving conditions for parents, carers, and women in the workplace.

“Listen, the EU is a global power supporting democracy, protecting the environment, securing trade deals, promoting peace, progress, and security. It’s all that and much more.”

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Responding to the post, X user Dragos wrote: “Top much propaganda… bla bla bla.”

Meanwhile Modry Srdcar echoed: “Who pays for this EU propaganda?”

And Manuelinho added: “We need to end the EU.”

User D. Tselepis lamented: “In reality, everybody’s position is worse than the year before while we have to deal with some kind of imaginary crisis all the time. Stop spending our money on marketing.”

Echoing his concerns, X user Navigatore Mike replied: “Accepting globalisation freely and getting European forces to disappear decade by decade. And worse, getting our cultures and traditions substituted.”

The 2024 vote will be the first EU election since 1979 that the UK will not participate in after Brexit. has contacted the European Parliament for comment.

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