Europe heatwave map: Spain scorches in 39C blast – where is hot right now?

UK weather: Dry and bright with sunny spells

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Hot weather will become the norm for much of Europe this summer, as heatwave conditions already set in for much of the continent from today. Summer may officially begin on June 1, but with the meteorological summer beginning in little more than a week on June 1, the sunny skies suggest we could be in for some warm spells.

According to weather maps from WXCharts, Spain will have seen highs of 39C by 3pm today while parts of the south of France could record temperatures of 34.2C.

Portugal is expected to see the mercury hit 31.7C while Italy will see lower temperatures of 29.1C today.

Charts from Weather Online show Athens in Greece will hit 28C while Ankara in Turkey is forecast to hit 25C.

The forecast also shows even Bern will see 28Cm with 31C in Belgrade and 26C in Paris.

Into Sunday and the mercury will fall slightly to 30.1C in France and 29.1C in Spain, while also dropping to 29C in Portugal.

But in Italy, the weather will get even better tomorrow with highs of 31.3C expected to be recorded by midday.

In fact, Italy’s weather conditions will improve through the week, hitting a high of 33.9C by midday on Thursday.

For the rest of Europe though, temperatures will dip midweek with Spain recording average temperatures of 31.3C on Monday, 26.7C on Tuesday, 26.3C on Wednesday before ratching up once again.

Next weekend, the start of the May half term for some, will see Spain hit 32.9 and 34.3C on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

France will also see a midweek dip, with the mercury forecast to be just 22.9C on Thursday, before Saturday is expected to see 27.4C and Sunday 27.9C.

Portugal will see temperatures climb from Wednesday, with 34.6C forecast for Friday, 37.1C for Saturday and 36.2C for Sunday.

Accuracies”Weather Senior Meteorologist Tyler Roys said: There’s going to be periods where there’s heat that could be intense at times., And then when that’s not happening, there’s going to be the [chance] for storms.”

In the UK, it’s a different story, however. Today is forecast to be dry and bright for many with spells of sunshine, but Netweather TV maps show temperatures are expected to average between 16C and 18C for most of the country.

Into tomorrow, and the afternoon will improve by 3pm with much of central and eastern England forecast to see temperatures in the 20s, with London expected to hit 22C.

It’s the same picture for the rest of the week, with conditions peaking at around 15C.

By Thursday, the forecast picks up with much of England seeing high 19C up to 21C by 6pm, and a similar story on Friday.

Saturday will see sunny spells but cooler temperatures of about 17 to 19C, while Sunday will see a dip again to around 15C.

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