Europe heatwave: Scorching 47C blast to cook France as Britain set for sizzling heat -MAPS

UK weather: Met Office forecasts continued heatwave conditions

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Long-range forecasts suggest unprecedented heat may surge across the UK as a result of the continental heatwave. The Met Office has issued a warning over rising temperatures in the coming days. Long-range weather computers have suggested temperatures in London could reach a sweltering 43C.

Meteorologists have issued a level three heat health alert until Friday, July 15.

The officials have highlighted the health impacts of heat.

The experts have warned parents not to let children run around in the sun, and to keep their clothing light.

A record-shattering heat could arrive in the UK next weekend.

The Met Office has issued a warning over rising temperatures in the coming days.

Air temperatures could rise to the peak temperature in London, with other areas in the south seeing temperatures in the high 30s to low 40s.

This would give Europe the same heat as the Sahara desert.

While temperatures of this scale may be unlikely, they are expected to peak at 33C on Tuesday, as a heatwave hits Britain.

The Met Office has warned parents not to let their children play in the sun for too long.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist, David Oliver, said: “The warm weather over much of England and Wales could last for much of next week.

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“In the short term, many can expect temperatures in the mid to high 20s over the weekend, and then in the low 30s during the start of next week.

“Much of next week will remain warm for the time of year as well as dry and sunny for many areas.”

Dr Agostinho Sousa, Head of Extreme Events and Health Protection at UK Health Security Agency, said: “We want everyone to enjoy the hot weather when it arrives.

“But, also check in on your vulnerable family, friends and neighbours to make sure they are prepared for the warm conditions ahead.

“High temperatures are predicted for a prolonged period.

“Make sure to follow our simple health advice to beat the heat, such as covering windows exposed to direct sunlight and making sure that fridges, freezers and fans are working properly.”

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