Evil lover who killed Star Hobson in Snapchat boast of being ‘No.1 psycho’

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Savannah Brockhill who was found guilty of killing 16-month-old Star Hobson called herself the “number one psycho” as she appeared to brag to the court about how hard she can punch.

The 28-year-old pub bouncer used her fists to cause harm to her partner’s baby and would film cruel pranks on the girl she loved.

Brockhill is a one-time Mixed Martial Arts fighter, security guard, and dog handler, who threatened serious harm to any love rivals between her and Smith.

West Yorkshire Police have released footage of Brockhill posting on Snapchat where she threatens anyone who messages Star’s mum Francis Smith.

In the short video, she says “if you want to keep your kneecaps, I suggest you stop sending them (messages)”.

She said: "Guys and girls need to remember the fact Frankie is with me. She keeps getting a lot of messages and friend requests – she's not going to accept, especially tramps like yous.

"If you want to keep your kneecaps I would suggest you stop sending her them."

The caption beneath the video said: "I am a psycho when it comes to my girlfriend and wouldn't mind putting anyone in a chair for the rest of their life if they as much as look at her wrongly. Keep safe don't message my girlfriend."

Brockhill was found guilty of killing Star today, while her partner and the little girl’s mum Smith was found not guilty.

Smith was found guilty of causing or allowing the death of a child, Yorkshire Live reports.

Brockhill appeared to brag to the jury of how hard she could punch when she was speaking in court.

She was also reprimanded by the judge at one point during the trial for 'gesturing' while a barrister outlined her awful crime.

On a video link from custody, Brockhill was seen laughing, shaking her head, repeatedly yawning, grinning, and chatting to someone off-camera as the trial took place.

Star died in hospital on September 22 from "utterly catastrophic injuries" following repeated assaults.

She had suffered the injuries from being either punched, kicked or stamped on.

The court heard that after Star's death, Brockhill left a coffee cup on the same hospital trolley as Star’s lifeless body, which reportedly shocked a nurse according to Yorkshire Live.

During the trial, the jury also heard how she was obsessively jealous, physically powerful, violent, and controlling.

Brockhill had also subjected Smith to beatings as their relationship soured but the violent rages became directed the defenceless little girl, Star.

Smith and Brockhill became lovers during an 11-month relationship that was described as on-off but marked by violence, heavy drinking and verbal abuse.

In one incident, Brockhill punched Smith in the face and bust her lip and broke a tooth.

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Smith was described to the court as a lazy mum, who was more interested in partying than looking after her daughter.

She took part in cruel pranks on Star and failed to protect her from Brockhill who she knew was prone to sudden and violent rages.

The pair then repeatedly lied to cover up what had happened to Star.

Both Brockhill and Smith will be sentenced tomorrow afternoon.

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