Ex-adult star Mia Khalifa sends fans wild as ‘chill girl’ tweet takes dark twist

Former Pornhub star Mia Khalifa has given her fans plenty to talk about after a tweet about 'chill girls' took a shocking twist.

The 29-year-old internet celebrity, who has a total of 4.4million followers on the social networking site, gave everyone a surprise this week with a provocative quip about dating 'chill girls'.

Taking inspiration from the format of a popular meme, she wrote: "Everyone wants a chill girl until she doesn’t care if you’re face down dead in a ditch"

The gag appeared to split fans right down the middle, with some praising her insight while others disliked the message behind her tweet.

One critic said that this was an example of someone being overly 'chill', writing: "That’s a bit odd.. if someone doesn’t want you than just let them go off find their thing and find yours. Everything happens for a reason".

While another agreed, said: "I think that's too chill".

Others appeared to be less bothered by the idea, as one user penned: "I've been in worse places".

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Mia recently revealed she has spent tens of thousands on therapy and now needs to "stop herself" from diagnosing others.

Her admission of self-help costs comes after quote-tweeting a follow-up to a bizarre message that saw the 29-year-old call out an anonymous person, accusing the unknown party of gaslighting her.

The initial tweet, which racked up thousands of likes, saw Khalifa "f***ing dare" the unknown person to "argue with me," and insisted that they would "have to do better than gaslight".

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