Exact day Britain to reach same scorching highs as Spain

UK weather: Remaining fine and dry this week

Britons who are enjoying basking in the bank holiday sunshine will be delighted to hear that the good weather is set to continue. And in some parts of the country the temperatures will be hotter than Spain this week.

The best of the weather looks to be in Scotland, where the Met Office says that temperatures in the western and central parts of the country could reach 24 or 25C tomorrow.

This is three degrees hotter than Madrid will be, and the Spanish city also must contend with thundery showers and winds.

And holidaymakers who have jetted off to Alicante for the half term break will be jealous of Brits tomorrow as Cardiff will be hotter, and Manchester will match the Spanish city’s balmy 21C.

The high pressure means that the springtime sunny weather will be with us throughout the week, with the highest temperatures likely in the west and northwest.

This is because some eastern and southern areas will have a cooler breeze coming in off the North Sea.

Meteorologist Rachel Ayers, from the Met Office, said: “That area of high pressure that’s been dominating our weather for the last couple of weeks isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“With plenty of clear spells around through this afternoon we’ll see some lengthy sunshine . . . so do take care if you are outside and protect your skin from the strong sunshine as UV levels are moderate to high at this time of year.

“It’s going to be feeling cool to start Tuesday morning but that sun will quickly warm things up across Scotland, Northern Ireland, and for Northern and Western England.”

She added: “[There will also be] another day of lengthy sunshine across Eastern areas once again this is where we’ll always see more in the way of cloud but there might be some brighter spells through tomorrow.

“Temperatures tomorrow will start to climb in comparison to today especially across Western and Central Scotland we could see 24 to 25C.”

Breakdown service Green Flag says that the sunny weather could make the roads very busy as people take advantage of the half-term school holidays for a last-minute getaway.

It is advising drivers that are heading off in search of the mid-20s temperatures to check their car thoroughly before starting a long journey.

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This includes making sure tyre pressures are at the required levels, and oil and water have been topped up.

Green Flag’s managing director Katie Lomas said: “The roads are sure to be busier than usual with people travelling for day trips, staycations or even heading to the airport for something more exotic.

“Whether you’re driving for 30 minutes or 300 miles, make sure your car is ready for the journey – that means a healthy battery, pumped up tyres, a full tank of fuel and topped up oil and water.

“Additionally, make sure phones are charged and you’ve got enough food and drink for everyone so if you do suffer a breakdown or a problem with the car, everyone’s comfortable while you wait to be rescued.”

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