Fake doctor ‘tricks 400 women into undergoing vaginal exams via webcam’

A pervert masquerading as a fake doctor allegedly duped up to 400 women into having their vaginal examinations over webcam.

The 40-year-old man was arrested in Bari, Italy, as his home was raided by police.

Police confirmed that several smartphones and memory cards were seized after complaints from multiple victims lead to authorities wiretapping his calls.

The man reportedly targeted women who had undergone swabs at clinics across the country, diagnosing them with 'several vaginal infections' before asking for them to undress for him, the police said in a statement.

"He then persuaded them to undergo an online gynaecological exam," the police statement said.

Authorities added that they believe 'over 400 women throughout Italy' had been targeted, from Lazio to Lombardia and Calabria.

Speaking to Repubblica Daily, one victim said: "He introduced himself as a doctor. He knew my date and place of birth and asked me if I had done a gynaecological check-up in recent months.

"He asked increasingly personal questions… then requested a video call via Zoom or Hangout… (and) asked me to show my private parts to confirm the diagnosis."

The 24-year-old woman from Salento first reported the alleged abuse when she posted on Instagram about being called by a man who claimed to be a gynaecologist.

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She claims the man knew her personal data and medical history when he arranged a video appointment.

During the appointment, he asked her to undress but she stopped when she realised something was off. But sadly, hundreds of women unknowingly went through with his requests.

The pervert reportedly used his home number when making the calls and seemed to have knowledge of the victims' recent clinical tests in health facilities throughout Italy.

During the video chats, he asked increasingly intimate questions before asking them to carry out a vaginal examination.

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Police say the investigation into the abuse is ongoing.

The news comes shortly after another fake gynaecologist in the same area, dubbed 'Dr Magic Flute' was rumbled in a hotel room with a 'patient.

Dr Giovanni Miniello, 60, was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault against two women after falsely diagnosing them with HPV and claiming he could cure them with sex.

The investigative news programme 'Le Lene' sent an actress who secretly filmed herself undergoing an 'examination' in a hotel room.

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