Family of 4 found dead just 2 hours after dad told cops he was ‘being followed’

A family of four were all found dead from gunshot wounds less than two hours after the father had told police he thought he was being followed.

The family actually made a series of mysterious communications with police in the hours before the grisly discovery in North Carolina, US.

At around 12.11pm on April 18 father Aschod Ewing-Meeks, 26, girlfriend Ashton Brown, also 26, and children Bella, four, and Brixx, eight months, arrived in the lobby of Davie County Sheriff’s Office.

In surveillance footage Ewing-Meeks can be heard asking: “You guys have people working here today?”

Sheriff JD Hartman explained in a press conference that the family didn't specify why they wanted to speak to a deputy, but that Ewing-Meeks did inquire about getting a concealed carry permit for a gun.

His girlfriend Brown then called police at 12.35pm, again asking to speak to one of the Davie County deputies.

When a deputy rang back she explained that she was calling on behalf of her boyfriend and passed the phone to him.

During several subsequent calls in the following minutes Ewing-Meeks supposedly told the deputy that he thought someone was following him.

The deputy called back twice more at 1.06pm. and 1.07pm but it went to voicemail.

At around 2pm a witness said they saw the couple arguing in their front garden before returning to their home.

At 2.17pm the entire family was found shot dead after a passer-by noticed smoke rising from the property. First responders found Ewing-Meeks with a gun in his hand.

Police now suspect it to have been a tragic murder-suicide with Ewing-Meeks killing his family, setting the home on fire and shooting himself.

"It’s definitely been an impact on the community, on the neighbourhood," said Sheriff Hartman.

"It’s not an area where we have a lot of calls or issues. The neighbours said they were good neighbours."

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