Family’s dream £1,700 Egyptian holiday turns to ‘hell’ with ‘faeces on floor’

A family's dream holiday turned out to be an absolute nightmare after they claim to have found human faeces on the floor of their hotel.

The resort in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egpyt was also reported to have exposed wires and broken sun loungers.

Gemma and Baz Gray, alongside children Imogen and Alfie were due to stay at the lavish four star Parrotel Aqua Park Resort, but found out one week prior to their July 23 flight that they were being moved – and downgraded – to a three star by local officials.

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The family, from Bourne, Lincolnshire, eventually negotiated being housed in the five star Parrotel Lagoon, The Mirror reports.

Having searched for the place online, as you do, they found photos of a stunning-looking hotel and were excited to stay there.

The flights were booked with EasyJet, and the hotel was booked directly with Parrotel Lagoon.

But the reality proved to be very far from what those images showed for the trip.

In photos taken by the 43-year-oold advertising manager mum, she spotted exposed wires on plugs and hairdryers in the room they were in, while one image shows actual faeces on the floor in a public toilet.

And shockingly, the couple's daughter stood on a pin, which allegedly pierced her foot, while in the swimming pool.

There were also broken sun loungers with splinters sticking out of them, according to the family.

Gemma, who also claimed that the rooms were never cleaned, said: "I have never in my life experienced such an awful hotel.

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"We have been on a lot of holidays and stayed in some nice hotels and some bad hotels but this was by far the worst.

"The hotel was dangerous, the rooms had exposed wires on the plugs and hair dryers, the rooms were filthy.

"This was the first holiday we have booked in four years due to Covid and we were hoping for a relaxing break to spend time with family but this did not happen.

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"The toilets by the pool were a health hazard, covered with faeces and urine all over the toilets and floor. It was far from relaxing.”

She also claims that the hotel served “uncooked chicken with blood on it”, which ended up with her and her husband having sickness and diarrhoea for four days.

The Daily Star has contacted EasyJet and Parrotel Lagoon for comment.

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