Fergie signs second book deal as critics slate first novel for having ‘no sex’

Sarah Ferguson has announced that a second book deal has been signed with Mills & Boon, just days after her first romance novel was released with the same publisher.

The Duchess of York loosely based the novel Her Heart For A Compass on her ancestor, Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott, but after hitting shelves on Tuesday, the book has received mostly negative reviews.

The debut has been branded "boring" by critics, with many reviews commenting on the lack of sex in the story, describing it as being "at the PG end" of Mills & Boon.

But the 61-year-old has confirmed that she and Margaret Kaye, who co-authored the book, remain "unified".

Speaking on Radio 4's Front Row, Prince Andrew's ex-wife said: "People try to put Fergie into a box, or Sarah or the Duchess into a box, saying "look at her, why is she doing this, why is she doing that?"

"We all have self-doubt. But it was really exciting to grow together in friendship and collaboration and we're both very unified together in this book Her Heart For A Compass.

"So much so, we've signed our next book deal."

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The mother of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie said the Covid-19 pandemic gave her the opportunity to write the book.

She said: "The pandemic also tapped me on the shoulder and said are you going to waste your life and never do what you want to do?

"Are you going to be in the front line helping people, nurses, NHS workers? I believe Lady Margaret would have done that, she would have risen to the challenge."

"I wondered whether it's time to give me my own voice, and I wonder if Lady Margaret is helping me do that? I think she is."

The Duchess commented on the similarities between the book's main character and her own life, including her relationship with the press and finding freedom in America.

She said: "I believe that any good storyteller includes journeys that parallel their own life.

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"It's really a total work of fiction. On the other hand, it's rather like Who Do You Think You Are?, the TV show. Telling my ancestry of my grandmothers, my maternal and paternal grandparents."

Opening up about the impact that press headlines had on her mental health, she said: "When you have had lines that say '82% would rather sleep with a goat than Fergie' it's very demoralising.

Sarah also spoke about her desire for the book to be adapted for the screen – but didn't confirm whether or not there are any plans to do so in the pipeline.

Asked what she thought of The Crown and if she had spoken with anyone from the Royal Family about the Netflix TV series, she said she answered: "I'd love to remind you that I am divorced from the royal family, and I'm a happily divorced woman.

"I'd never presume to discuss anything like that with them all.

"I know that Diana would be so proud of her sons and their wives and what they have achieved."

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