Fisherman chased by huge sea creature with glowing eyes in terrifying footage

A chilling video has captured the terrifying moment a glowing-eyed sea beast seemed to chase after a fisherman as he desperately tried to flee in his speed boat at full throttle.

The unnamed fisherman caught the frightening footage as he raced away from the creature off the coast of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil’s most southern state.

The fisherman captioned the 47 second clip, which he shared online, “wanted to attack me”.

In the terrifying footage, he is seen speeding across the water desperately trying to escape the unidentified beast.

The sea creature appears to be a long, dark beast with glowing eyes as it chases after him.

It can be seen diving in and out of the water around ten times.

And despite going at full speed, the mysterious creature advances on the boat and at one point nearly catches up to it.

However, the marine beast apparently gets beaten back by the slipstream.

The glowing-eyed monster is again seen leaping through the waves and advancing on the fleeing fisherman as the video ends.

Some social media users reacted with horror at the clip.

Rafael Santos wrote: “Did you have to change your underwear?”

Priscila Lopes said: “What horror! End of days!”

However others weren’t as impressed.

W'allace Almeida Barbosa wrote: “It's only a seal lol.”

Gabriel Santiago added: “The guy put the caption right in the middle so we can’t tell what kind of animal it is.”

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