Fitness buff dies after £300 surgery saw ‘industrial silicone’ injected into bum

A 34-year-old woman has died following a failed cosmetic operation in which industrial silicone she bought herself was injected into her bottom.

Patricia Rodrigues dos Santos died hours after she underwent an operation at a clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The nutritionist visited the clinic on 21st October and paid BRL 2,152 (£294) for an operation that involved injecting silicone into her butt.

She had bought the silicone herself for the clinic to use, unaware it was an unlicensed beauty salon.

It is believed her operation was carried out by a massage therapist, who discharged Patricia at around 9pm on the same day.

Patricia went home complaining of dizziness and even suffered nausea before being rushed to A&E in the early hours of October 22.

Sadly, the 34-year-old passed away from complications with the procedure, which police suspect was a blood clot.

Officers are now investigating the incident and told local media an autopsy is being carried out.

If investigators confirm the substance the massage therapist injected into Patricia, she could face charges of intentional homicide.

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The clinic could also face breaches of the country’s laws regarding health professionals who have to be licensed.

According to local media, Patricia was buried in the municipality of Niteroi on 22nd October.

Family members present at the funeral told local media that Patricia had not informed them of her plan to undergo the cosmetic procedure.

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