Flight was delayed so long passengers were told they had to quarantine

A group of travellers flying domestically in Australia were delayed so long that they suddenly found themselves needing to quarantine due to a change in rules.

Virgin Australia flight VA469 was in the air travelling from Perth to Brisbane on April 23 when state regulations in Australia changed.

Western Australia made the decision that the Perth and Peel regions and Queensland needed to go into a three-day lockdown, plus all passengers on flights landing in WA would be subject to a 14-day quarantine, reports CNN.

For those people travelling on the flight this should not have been a problem as they were due to land before the new rules came in.

However, due to a mechanical issue in Perth the plane took off more than five hours late.

This meant that the flight landed at 1am on April 24, past the deadline to avoid quarantine.

The arriving passengers were told they would have to spend 14 days quarantining in a hotel room.

Dr. Jeannette Young, the state's Chief Health Officer said: "We know prevention measures can be inconvenient, but they are necessary to protect Queenslanders."

Thankfully the Queensland government announced that it would cover the costs of quarantine for the passengers but in the end, this only lasted three days.

The outbreak was contained to just three people in Perth so the quarantined passengers were allowed to leave early after testing negative in a test.

Virgin Australia told CNN: "Had Virgin been formally notified of this change prior to its departure we would have delayed the departure of the aircraft and given passengers the option to stay in Perth."

"This would have been in the passengers' and Virgin Australia's interests, and is what we have done in the past with border changes."

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