Former cop claims he would have ‘knocked out’ Prince Andrew over golfing claims

A former royal cop has explosively claimed he would have knocked out Prince Andrew if the Duke had asked him to pick up his golf balls.

The comments come after newly resurfaced reports claim that the 61-year-old Duke used to make royal protection officers act as ball boys during his swinging practice at Buckingham Palace, the Express reports.

Protection officers, who were there to guard the royal, instead had to stand and collect balls for the golfing fanatic royal, according to a palace source.

A source said: "Andrew would occasionally come into the gardens carrying his clubs and hit a few balls making his close protection officer collect them for him."

And Paul Page, who worked as a royal protection officer for six years, told The Sun Online that he had seen the Duke demand his officers to collect his golf balls – though he hadn't been asked himself.

The cop claimed he "wouldn't stand for that" if he had been asked by Andrew.

Mr Page, who worked at Buckingham Palace from between 1998 and 2004, said: "If he had asked me to pick up his golf balls, I'd have f***ing knocked him out.

"I'm from the East End, I wouldn't stand for that."

He went on to say that the Duke "treated his staff like s***".

"He's a f***ing a***hole and a bully," he added.

Mr Page also said that he reportedly saw the prince sweating while enjoying a game of golf in Buckingham Palace, despite the Duke's strong proclamations in the infamous Newsnight interview that he was unable to sweat.

The stripping of several of his golfing patronages earlier this month must have been a difficult pill to swallow.

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There were 24 golf-related affiliations on the Royal Family's website linked to Prince Andrew before the catastrophic fallout from his friendships with Jeffrey Epstein and his now-jailed pal Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Queen appears to have had all of these removed along with her son's military titles.

Prince Andrew's representatives have been approached for comment.

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