Fugitive yoga teacher who ‘shot love rival’ had ‘£5K plastic surgery receipt’

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A yoga teacher running from the law after her love rival was shot dead had a receipt for over £5,400 in plastic surgery under a fake name.

Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, is wanted for the alleged murder of Anna Moriah 'Mo' Wilson in Austin, Texas, US, on May 11 after discovering she had been seeing her boyfriend Colin Strickland.

Armstrong vanished with her sister's passport and fled the country following her suspected jealous rage against 25-year-old professional cyclist Wilson.

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A search warrant on the alleged killer's possessions found a receipt for $6,360 (£5,400) issued by a plastic surgery in Costa Rica to Armstrong's apparent pseudonym 'Alisson Paige' on June 23.

Detectives also dug out a boarding pass for a flight from Newark, New Jersey, to Costa Rica; clothes, small wallets, credit cards under various names, an iPhone, several different currencies and a driver's licence.

US Marshals obtained a warrant for Armstrong's arrest on a charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution following a charge of first-degree murder.

The fugitive was arrested at a hostel on Santa Teresa Beach and her legal team says she urgently "wants her day in court" in a speedy trial despite a massive backlog of cases awaiting trial.

A state attorney said: "I don't know what kind of privilege this particular defendant has to cut in front all of these people who have been waiting for trial.

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"I know Armstrong's legal team haven't seen all the evidence because we don't have all the evidence to give to them."

An eye-watering $3.5 million (£2.9m) bond has been put on the suspect's head as she is locked up in custody at Travis County Jail.

It took the authorities, who had been led by an anonymous tip and CCTV, 43 days to track Armstrong down and then extradite her back to the US.

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Armstrong's black Jeep Grand Cherokee was caught on camera driving past where Wilson had been staying, and a search warrant found that Armstrong visited a gun range before the killing – and was given £370,000 by Strickland.

Strickland insisted to police that Armstrong was the "least volatile" woman he had dated.


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