Furious couple tried to kill spiritual healer for ‘failing to fix bad luck’

A crazed couple tried to kill a spiritual healer because they still had bad luck after they paid her to help them.

Kimberly and Lenorris Williams were unhappy in their marriage and believed that Lenorris's ex-partner had hexed them.

Investigator Brandon Shiver said they paid Georgia Mae Green Griffin for prayers, potions and herbs to "get the bad roots off him."

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But the couple weren't happy with the results.

They were arrested after the spiritual councillor was stabbed more than 27 times in her home.

It was reported that the couple assaulted her before they set the property on fire, but Griffin miraculously managed to crawl out and escape the blaze in April 2017.

Griffin's daughter Ramona Newton, who has built properties with her sister Rhonda Walker, on the land nearby, alerted Rhonda by phone call.

After frantically searching for her mum outside of the house, she heard someone coming from behind her.

“I heard my mama’s voice and when I turned around, she was laying down with her hand up. I saw blood. I saw a lot of blood,” said Ramona.

Griffin was left fighting for her life and was unable to talk following the horror stabbing, reports the Albany Herald.

She suffered several strokes during her battle in ICU and her house was completely destroyed.

In footage obtained by Oxygen's 'Snapped: Killer Couples', Lenorris told investigators: “She did her thing and, it’s like, we (were) supposed to prosper, but we wasn’t.

“We paid (her) to help us, it was $375. Then one time we paid her $150. I’m like, ‘I don’t see no improvement."

On May 8, Griffins regained consciousness and told investigators that the couple turned up to her home announced and launched the attack.

The pair were arrested and charged with arson in the first degree, aggravated assault, and attempt to commit murder.

Griffins said: “(Lenorris) grabbed a bowl off my desk and he went and hit me across the head with it.

"He said, ‘Where's the money, b***h?’

“When I stood up, (Kimberly) came up to me with a knife. She stabbed me around the neck, in my back, close to my heart, anywhere she could.”

The mum dropped to the floor and pretended she was dead while they ransacked through her desk to search for money.

She dodged death after he property went up in flames. Griffins said she hid in the woods until she was found.

In February 2020, Kimberly was sentenced to 35 years in prison and five years probation, while Lenorris was sentenced to 30 years in prison and 10 years probation.

Despite her ordeal, Griffins remains hopeful about her future and said she is "blessed."

“A lot of people wouldn’t have survived what I went through with," she said.

"What I went through with, they couldn’t even have made it out of that fire. And that’s why I say I’m blessed."


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