Furious mum says son got hypothermia after school forced him to isolate in shed

A mum has been left furious after she a school allegedly forced her son to restrict himself to a shed because of his mild cold symptoms.

Chloé says that concerns about coronavirus resulted in Wigton Infant School in Cumbria telling four-year-old Mason he had to isolate himself away from other pupils.

She described the building in which he was told to stay as an "outdoor shed" and told the News and Star that she was "absolutely broken" by the incident.

When she saw Mason, he'd developed hypothermia after staying in the building which had no heating.

The school has said that the action was taken in line with their protocol on Covid-19. Mason found himself in the shed after staff saw he had a cough and a snotty nose.

Chloé says that the school called her to come and get Mason as soon as she could, but the mum couldn't get their right away because she relies on public transport.

Initially, she wasn't worried about her boy as she was told that he'd simply been put in a room on his own. But when they took her to the space, she found that it was a cold shed.

“He couldn’t talk, shivering like mad, hands red raw, I had to stick them up my top to warm up, eyes watering like mad, snotty nose down his face," she said. “They even made him eat his lunch outside, no toys, no games, nothing.”

She raced to the doctor and was horrified to be told to call an ambulance due to Mason having hypothermia.

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Geoff Norman, headteacher at Wigton Infant School, claims that his top priority is the "wellbeing of the children" which "includes reducing the chance of infection across school".

“This includes moving children who display Covid-19 symptoms to a separate space with a member of staff until they can be picked up by a parent or carer," he added. "For several months we have been using our outdoor classroom for this purpose and this has worked well. Following the concerns recently expressed about the suitability of this space we have reviewed our approach."

Mr Norman said that from now on a room next to the school office will be used instead of the outdoor space.

Cumbria Police was contacted about the incident, but said that no crime was committed. A safeguarding review has been conducted at the school and the matter was referred to Cumbria County Council.

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