Fury as ‘professional doggers’ invade beauty spot village in broad daylight

Barrow Wake, a beauty spot on the Cotswold Hills in Gloucestershire which boasts stunning views of the English countryside and is hugely popular with walkers and families has, according to locals, been invaded by doggers.

The local residents from nearby Birdlip said that the Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdown has resulted in the numbers of those participating increasing over the last year.

Dogging, which became popular during the mid-2000s, sees strangers (although sometimes also couples) meeting up in secluded car parks dotted across the British Isles and either participating or watching, in sexual acts.

A code of flashing beams, car window positioning and emergency interior lights signal to the other attendees what you are there for and what you are up for.

While those attending see dogging as harmless fun, for locals residents it is a sordid behaviour that blights the area and brings in shady, unscrupulous individuals.

According to the Daily Mail, dozens of cars congregate at Barrow Wake each night and rows of headlights can be seen for miles, such is the draw of the usually idyllic location.

One Birdlip retiree told the publication: "‘This village is very, very respectable. So the villagers are angry that this goes on so close to them. [The doggers] do not seem intimidated or embarrassed.

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"But I’ve seen television programmes about these people and it’s to do with others watching. They enjoy an audience!"

Another villager claimed that many of the doggers are "professionals" who are there "morning, noon and night" having sex in broad daylight and many of the individuals who join are in fact married.

Such is the determination of the doggers to enjoy the area that one local reported a converted horsebox lorry arriving with naked people inside before the sun had even barely come up.

The local police are up against some committed and persistent opponents but understand the detrimental effect such behaviour can have on a community.

A spokesperson for Gloucestershire Constabulary said: "We are fully aware of this long-standing issue at Barrow Wake and continue to regularly patrol the area.

"[We continue] to work with partner agencies to develop a strategy on the broad issue of public sex areas, including installing signs warning against anti-social behaviour and there is a plan in place to identify the root causes of the problem and to find ways of tackling them."

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