Fury as Putin’s ‘warmongering’ allies enjoy ‘beauty of European continent’ in holiday pics

Putin's mouthpiece plots retribution for destroyed ammo dump

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Russian politician Vladimir Plotnikov was re-elected for the 7th and 8th State Dumas respectively last year, and was formerly the deputy of the Volgograd Oblast Duma and a member of the upper house of the Federation Assembly of Russia. He is reportedly a close associate of Vladimir Putin, who is continuing Russia’s terrifying war in Ukraine – despite the country being smashed by crippling sanctions from countries throughout the world.

Visegrad 24, which reports news from the Visegrad countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia) has tweeted a picture of Plotnikov on holiday, believed to be with his daughter, claiming they are in the picturesque Italian city.

Sonia Plotnikov had posted the picture on her Instagram account, with the message: “Dad”.

It a furious outburst, the news service wrote alongside this Twitter post: “The Russian MP Vladimir Plotnikov is currently enjoying his vacation in Venice, Italy.

“Why do we still allow Russia’s warmongering Putin-allies to enter and enjoy they beauty of the European continent?”

The picture and accompanying message also triggered a furious response among plenty of Twitter users.

“Battlefield Ukraine” (@BattlefieldUkr) wrote: “Why isn’t he enjoying summer in Russia if it is so amazing, but in the decadent West?

“Also, why are Russian politicians even allowed to enter the EU?”

Twitter user “Yumi (@zikifa) raged: “Russians hate NATO so much, but are okay to go to Italy – which is part or NATO, for holidays.”

“John Zhang” (@JohnZhangSV) commented: “I don’t understand it either. Western countries seem too nerdy and naïve in dealing with Putin’s regime and Xi’s CCP.

Another Twitter user, “Ian Kuah” (@IanKuah), questioned: “Is there not an EU travel ban on all Russian politicians? Or do the quisling Italians not enforce it?”

In mid-March, the Russian politician’s daughter Sonia Plotnikov, made the headlines after extended her support to Putin’s aggressive moves in Ukraine.

In a post on her Instagram account to show her support for her home country, she also called Russia the “world’s strongest country”.

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Ukrainian forces blast apart advancing Russian tanks

Plotnikov shared a picture of herself from Dubai on the social media platform, and wrote alongside this: “We will cope with all the difficulties! Russia is the strongest country.

“This whole situation has brought even more Russians together! We have become even more patriots.”

On Saturday, Russia said its forces would step up military operations in Ukraine in “all operational areas” as its rockets and missiles smashed into thhe country that Kyiv said killed dozens of people.

Rockets hit the northeastern town of Chuhuiv in Kharkiv, killing three people and injuring three others, according to regional governor Oleh Synehubov.

Further south, more than 50 Russian Grad rockets pounded the city of Nikopol, on the Dnipro Rive, killing two people who were found in the resulting rubble, the region’s governor Valentyn Reznichenko said.

Ukraine has said at least 40 people have been killed in such attacks on urban areas over a three-day people. Russia had said it had been hitting military targets.

Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu ordered military units to ramp up operations to stop Ukrainian strikes on eastern Ukraine and other areas held by Russia.

Vadym Skibitskyi, a spokesman for Ukrainian military intelligence said there had been Russian shelling along the entire front line and active use of attack helicopters.

He added: “Clearly, preparations are now under way for the next stage of the offensive.”

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