Glam ex of fugitive bikie gang boss ‘arrested in Turkey over visa issues’

The glam ex-girlfriend of a fugitive bikie gang boss has been detained in Turkey over visa issues.

Mel Ter Wisscha, the alluring ex-girlfriend of notorious bikie boss Mark Buddle, was stopped by over a dozen police officers on Friday (July 22) as she tried to leave a resort in Bodrum and has been detained for over three days in an immigration detention centre.

Before her capture, which is thought to be due to her previous links with Buddle, Ter Wisscha was apparently living it up at Turkey's $11,000 (£9,150)-a-night D Maris Bay Resort as well as being pictured modelling handbags.

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Despite breaking up with Buddle who was arrested in Northern Cyprus on July 9, Ter Wisscha was said to be 'very upset' at being detained and admitted that she had not seen her ex for almost a year.

A source close to Ter Wisscha detailed how was captured and treated by the police officers.

"She was leaving a hotel in Bodrum and about 15 police pulled her over and began going through all her stuff, and checking passports", they said.

"They made her sign something in Turkish, even though she couldn't understand it, but she's not under arrest – she kept asking them 'am I under arrest' and they said no.

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"Basically they've said to her that she's a risk because of her husband. She told them they aren't together and haven't seen each other in a year, but they took her to a police station and then to an immigration centre."

The detention centre that Ter Wisscha is currently in is secured by armed guards with her family able to visit her daily for 15 minutes.

Ter Wisscha and Buddle spent five years together in Dubai after the Comanchero boss was forced to flee Australia in 2016 after being wanted in connection to numerous murders, but split up in July 2021 when Ter Wisscha moved to Bodrum and Buddle made his way to Northern Cyprus.

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While Australian authorities are attempting to negotiate Buddle's extradition, no Australian law enforcement agency currently has a warrant out for his arrest.

It will prove to be impossible under international law to extradite the Buddle without official charges.


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