Golden retriever attempts to walk in snow boots – but can’t quite work them out

A dog owner has been left in stitches at her golden retriever’s reaction to trying out snow boots for the first time.

Diana Camacho decided to prepare for the inevitable cold blast in New York City, US, by introducing her dog Dusk to some doggie shoes.

The region famously suffers severe snowstorms and bitterly cold weather during the winter so the footwear helps protect dogs’ paws during walks.

But Dusk was clearly completely flummoxed by his new shoes.

Hilarious footage shared exclusively to Daily Star Online shows the golden retriever performing adorable hops to trot towards Diana.

The scenes make him look like Bambi on ice and it doesn’t get much better when he walks away from the camera.

Again, Dusk lifts his legs up as he tries to work out what the hell is going on.

Speaking exclusively to this site, the dog owner said that, while it has not yet snowed in New York, she is “getting Dusk used to the boots so he’s prepared”.

She added: “He has improved a little but he still does little hops every time he wears them.”

Speaking about the first few attempts at Dusk walking in the shoes, Diana said she “thought it was hilarious”.

“We are very excited for him to learn how to wear them,” she continued.

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Another of Diana’s videos was shared to a golden retriever Facebook page, where it received more than 700 “likes”.

Dozens flooded the comments section saying how the footage gave them a “good laugh”.

“This is too funny,” one said. “I must get these for my Golden girls.”

Another commented: “That is so cute.”

While a third added: “I keep watching this.”

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