Golden retriever ‘broken’ as viewers crease at his unusual resting positions

A video of a golden retriever assuming a weird range of poses has had viewers creasing on TikTok – with many people branding the pooch "broken".

Duke, a lovable golden from Cheshire, struck a chord when his hilarious antics were uploaded by TikTok user @goldenlifeofduke who joked in the caption: "I definitely wonder".

In the clip, Duke is captured balancing on his head with rump sticking in the air, while his mouth gapes open for no reason.

It almost looks like the pooch is sitting down, but the wrong way up.

Another clip shows him stretched on his side, seemingly doing the plank while a blissed-out expression is plastered on his face.

Duke is then caught doing his bizarre upsidedown pose again – this time next to his puppy crate in the kitchen.

Finally, he is captured in the middle of a maniacal grin while lying flat on his back, with his teeth poking through his gums like a vampire.

The pooch's cheesy grin won over viewers on TikTok, where the video had more than 100,000 "likes" and more than 1,000 comments.

A viewer joked: "you broke him with all your love and attention."

"Excuse me sir but I think ur dog is broken," quipped a second.

Someone else said: "Omg my dog does that all the time it's like they are brothers."

"The smile is so funny," said another.

The adorable Duke was born in May last year and is still full of puppy energy if his Instagram account is anything to judge him by.

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