‘Greedy’ mum faces furious backlash for selling 378 toilet rolls for double the price

The woman from Queensland, Australia, posted a photo showing packets of loo roll stacked up on Facebook appealing for people to come forward and take them off her hands.
The mum said she was selling 21 packs of 18 rolls for $20 (£10) each, despite them retailing for about $10 (£5).
One social media user tweeted “What a greedy person” in response to the online post.

The woman posted a message beside her snap of the rolls for sale, urging people not to judge her for ensuring her family did not go without essential supplies during the crisis.
She said: “Selling of excess toilet paper that I no longer need.
“All new sealed in packaging, $20 a pack of 18 FIRM! Located near Morayfield shops.
“Don’t attack me for making sure my family was prepared for the pandemic!!”

A furious backlash ensued before she swiftly deleted the post.

One person called her an “opportunist” while another questioned why she felt the need to purchase a “crazy amount” of toilet paper for just one household.

One Facebook user said she and other panic buyers were responsible for a rise in prices in essential goods.

They said: “No, I will criticise you for hoarding that much toilet paper and jacking up prices.

“You have 21 packs of 18, that’s 378 rolls of toilet paper and WAY more than any family of any size will ever need (during this time).”

Another person urged the woman to take responsibility for her over buying and deal with it rather than try to sell products online for a profit.

They said:“How can you no longer need toilet paper?

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“You hoarded it, now deal with the consequences.”

The backlash comes after the manager of a supermarket in Adelaide, South Australia, told of how a shopper requested a refund on 4,800 toilet rolls.

John Paul Drake, director of Drake’s supermarket, refused to take back the unwanted items.

The man also wanted to return 150 1Litre bottles of hand sanitiser which he had hoped to sell online.

In a video posted on YouTube Mr Drake said: “That is the sort of person that is causing the problem in the whole country.”

Supermarkets across the globe were forced to ration packets of pasta, UHT milk, toilet rolls, handsoap and hand sanitiser at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Australia has not been hit as hard by the pandemic as many other countries.

It has declared 6,646 cases of COVID-19.

And the death toll stands at 71 – a stark comparison to the UK’s 17,337.

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