Grieving son left in tears after finding note left by mum who died of dementia

A man recently took to Reddit to share a touching note he found from his mum after she passed away from dementia.

He became her full-time carer when she was diagnosed with the disease, and looked after her for over 20 years, The Mirror reports.

He explained on Reddit: "Lost my mum recently after being her caretaker for 20+ years.

"I have been going through her house and she has left me notes all over in drawers and on paperwork which makes me forget about the last 5 years of her dementia and the struggles.

"She was a sweet loving woman and knew I'd need this."

On the document, which contained her last will and testament, his mum had written: "I trust you + I love you."

The man explained in the comments that his mum had been married at 16 and had five children, all before the age of 24.

He continued: "Raised them alone, got her education with her youngest child, ran her own business and was a very lovely person.

"Always taking care of everyone around her no matter what. The last few years were exceedingly difficult but I'm thankful for the time even in her last days.

"I never gave up or left her and now that I am reminiscing finding these notes mean so much to me [and remind] me of my childhood and all the laughter and just how much of a fun person she was."

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The sentimental note left readers feeling emotional, with one person commenting: "You and your mum totally deserved each other.

"Loved seeing this note and knowing you got these little glimpses of her pre-dementia self after years of seeing only her dementia shell.

"My dad lived with my family for 5 years, and we lost him two years ago this week at 95. His dementia worsened over that time, but I just loved having him close and doing things with him every day. I love that my kids got to see how we treat people we love when they need help.

"You did one of the most difficult jobs that exists, and clearly you were great at it. Knowing well the difficulty level of the undertaking, I’m completely impressed at how long you took care of your mum.

"Please give yourself more time than you think you need before you are over this loss.

Make time for yourself and don’t rush it. Hugs from one who understands you wouldn’t have traded this experience no matter how tough the going was."

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