Gunman screamed ‘I’ll kill you all’ as he opened fire on bar, killing three

A gunman declared "I'll kill you all" before opening fire on a bar and killing three women in a horrifying scene. 

Four others were injured in the shooting at a bar in Rome, Italy, with patrons of the boozer coming under fire after a man declared he would kill everyone there.

Italian officials have since released a suspect linked with the shooting, with Claudio Campiti, 57, with the bloodshed in the country's capital. 

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The terrifying ordeal left three women dead, with one said to have been good friends with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

A witness speaking to Italian news agency Ansa said that the shooter had entered the room and announced he was going to kill everyone present.

The witness said: "He came into the room, closed the door and shouted 'I'll kill you all' and then started to shoot."

It is said that a residents meeting had been held in the bar and that the 57-year-old suspect had been known to the group following a series of disputes with the residents association.

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An eyewitness recalled the horrifying shooting and said: "He fired at the board of directors of the consortium. The man was known by all, he was a member and in the past he had made verbal threats to all of us.

"The weapon jammed at a certain point and was blocked by some consortium members who also unlocked the door. I saved myself because I put myself under the table and I managed to crawl out of the room."

Another witness who was responsible for disarming the gunman said that he "jumped on him before he killed again."

The assailant was reportedly disarmed by bystanders before police arrived on the scene.

An emergency security meeting has since been called by Mayor Roberto Gualtieri, who confirmed three people had died in the outdoor seating area of the Il Posto Giusto bar, The Sun reported.

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