Gwyneth Paltrow’s firm sued after ‘vagina’ candle ‘explodes’ in bloke’s house

Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand Goop is being sued for more than £3.5million after one of its so-called "vagina" candles allegedly exploded in someone's home.

Coby Watson, from Texas in the US, claims the $75 (£53) candle – called This Smells Like My Vagina – burst into flames as soon as it was lit before "exploding" in his lounge, leaving his home full of smoke.

Legal documents revealed Mr Watson said the scented candle left a "black burn ring", while the jar in which the candle is housed, was left "charred and black".

He stressed the candle was placed on a level surface and there were "no objects or loose materials above or in close proximity to it" as it burned.

He admits that while the candle has a warning that it should not be burning "for more than two hours at a time", the candle was lit for "an estimated three hours or less" when it allegedly exploded, the Mirror reports.

Mr Watson's legal team has claimed that while there is a warning, it "fails to address the known danger" of the candle burning for longer than its recommended time.

This follows a claim from Jody Thompson in London, who said that she had a vagina candle from Goop which "exploded" in her home, sparking an "inferno".

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"The candle exploded and emitted huge flames, with bits flying everywhere," she told the Sun in January.

"I've never seen anything like it. The whole thing was ablaze and it was too hot to touch. There was an inferno in the room.

"We eventually got it under control and threw it out the front door."

Jody added: "It could have burned the place down. It was scary at the time, but funny looking back that Gwyneth's vagina candle exploded in my living room."

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A spokesperson for Goop has rubbished the claims and has said that Mr Watson's lawsuit was a "frivolous… attempt to secure an outsized payout'"

The spokesperson added: "We’re confident this claim is frivolous and an attempt to secure an outsized payout from a press-heavy product.

"We stand behind the brands we carry and the safety of the products we sell. Here, Heretic—the brand that supplies the candle— has substantiated the product’s performance and safety through industry standard testing."

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Gwyneth's controversial candle was first released in January last year and is described as having a "funny, gorgeous, sexy, and beautifully unexpected scent".

She said that the idea had started out as a joke between her and a perfumer.

However, the idea stuck, and the candle became a major success, selling out in a matter of hours after it was first unveiled on the Goop website.

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