Half-naked man and two others thrown off flight after violence erupts

Three passengers had to be escorted off a flight for their disruptive behaviour, one of them being half-naked. During a flight from Bali to Brisbane, Australia, Jetstar flight attendants had to intervene when a passenger became violent, 7News reports. A video posted on TikTok caught the moment the passenger became violent with the couple sitting next to him before all three of them were escorted off the flight by the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

The pilot even threatened to make an emergency landing if the incident continued. The clip captured one of the three showing her middle finger to the rest of the passengers saying: “F*** you.”

An AFP spokesperson confirmed a woman and two men were escorted from the plane after they were called regarding “disruptive passengers.

They said: “The AFP responded to a request for assistance from an airline regarding disruptive passengers on board a flight arriving at Brisbane from Bali on Thursday 27 April.

“The AFP boarded the aircraft and escorted one female and two male passengers from the plane prior to the rest of the passengers disembarking.

“All three passengers were compliant with police directions to disembark.”

However, no one was charged over the incident. In a statement, Jetstar said the behaviour was “completely unacceptable” and “very distressing” for both employees and passengers.

They said: “This type of violent and disruptive behaviour is completely unacceptable and will never be tolerated on our flights.

“We acknowledge this would have been a very distressing experience for other customers and are reaching out to those who were sitting nearby.

“This was also an extremely tough situation for our crew and we’re providing support to them.

“The welfare of our passengers and crew is always our number one priority.”

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