Harry and Meghan ‘backed themselves into a corner’ with ‘refugee royals’ brand

Harry and Meghan could have "backed themselves into a corner" after their recent Netflix documentary, a royal expert has warned

A busy year for the controversial Sussex couple is set to get busier come the end of the month with the pair set to release another series with Netflix – this time as hosts of a show exploring young leaders around the world..

But, that's not all – Harry will see his new memoir Spare published early in the new year as the couple continues to split opinions across the globe.

However, it's not all rosy for the couple, as there are fears they still have yet to truly cement their roles outside of their "royal" tag.

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"Writing about Harry and Meghan's in news.com.au Royal expert Daniela Elser said: "The Sussexes would seem to be in something of a bind.

"Their entire public image and business output too have thus far been founded on their royal refugee status, understandable given it was their most valuable commodity when they arrived in the US and suddenly found the royal money teat had gone dry, including having to pay for their security.

"More than two years on, it feels a bit like Harry and Meghan have backed themselves into a brand corner and today they are not defined in the public imagination by their humanitarian work but by their willingness to pillory the royal family, at times with a large cheque attached."

Their recent Netflix series wasn't short of controversy with Harry and Meghan making many revelations about the Royal family including one when they were reportedly blocked by officials from meeting the Queen, despite the late monarch apparently inviting them.

One of the most serious accusations in the four-part doc was Harry's claim that King Charles had 'leaked stories' to the press.

"It became clear that the institution leaked the fact we were moving to Canada… the main thing that made me aware the letter to my father had been leaked was that (reports said) we were willing to relinquish our Sussex titles, that was the giveaway,"


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