Harry and Meghan ‘told to retire from public view’ to create ‘intrigue’ – expert

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been advised to retire from public view in order to maximise attention, a royal commentator has claimed.

Since giving birth to her daughter Lilibet in June, the Duchess of Sussex has made only limited public appearances.

Harry recently gave an online speech about mental health with his company BetterUp, but Meghan’s most recent high-profile event came in November when she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

And now, royal commentator Neil Sean has suggested that there may be even fewer appearances in future for the ex-royals.

“Meghan’s PR team or advisors really believe that every time she goes out, it should become an event,” he claimed, speaking on his YouTube channel.

“And the reason behind that, it’s not about vanity as such, it’s about selling because as we’ve just explained every time Meghan does appear, people break down her hair, the makeup that she’s wearing, the clothes, all that sort of stuff."

Neil likened Meghan’s new approach to former Hollywood actress Greta Garbo, who he said was “retired” from public view relatively early in her career, becoming an “enigma”.

“This is the plot that they’ve decided to do with Meghan and Harry, simply because when they come out then people will be more intrigued by them,” he suggested.

“It is actually working, because we’ve seen Meghan very few times; other than of course the big interview with Ellen DeGeneres, which truly backfired, and then of course that shopping trip.

“The plan is of course that each time she arrives or appears on the scene, the media will be so excited that they will ignite, and more importantly sell, whatever Meghan and Harry are selling.

“Harry and Meghan can make a lot of money in a very short time, but even they know that celebrity – whoever you are – wanes.”

His theory comes as Harry and Meghan were criticised by some on social media as they remained silent while the Queen celebrated her Platinum Jubilee this weekend (February 6).

The Daily Star has contacted Meghan and Harry’s representatives for comment.

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