Harry ‘giving up Brit identity’ to build ‘closer ties’ with US pals, says expert

Prince Harry is changing up his British speaking style in exchange for a Californian twang, choosing to drop his Ts to appear more "accessible," a speech expert has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex moved to the United States with wife Meghan Markle over a year ago and up until recently, hadn't been back to the UK to firm up his English accent.

Emma Serlin, founder of the London Speech Workshop, suggested this time away from his home town has softened Harry's native accent, causing him to use Americanisms too.

The 36-year-old proved the theory in an interview on Dax Shepherd's Armchair Expert podcast, where he appeared to promote his new TV series with Oprah Winfrey.

Ms Serlin said the Duke has likely done this to adopt to the culture around him and form closer ties with people he's been speaking to.

She told Femail: "When we adjust our accents to make people feel comfortable, it’s a way of reaching out and saying "I’m like you.” It’s about being accessible.

"When you move to a different place, you have options, you can keep hold of every element of your first cultural identity, and refuse to adapt either your accent or language, and this could be seen as being particularly entrenched and even stubborn."

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The language expert said Harry's vocal changes show his "willingness to adapt" to his environment, and is willing to "give up elements of his culture" to fit in.

Prince Harry was heard saying things like 'gotta’, 'coulda', and 'wanna,' instead of formal English, as he chatted about his time in the military service, growing up as a Royal and settling down with Meghan Markle.

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The Duke revealed he had contemplated getting out of the Firm in his 20s but admitted her just got on with it, and was forced to grin and bear it.

His whole outlook on life changed when he met Meghan, however, who encouraged him to go to therapy.

It was in therapy where Harry realised just how much his didn't want the job, and while thinking about his mother's legacy, made the decision to "get his head out of the sand" and wake up.

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