Harry ‘straight on plane back to LA’ after Diana statue unveiling, claims expert

Prince Harry will be "straight on a plane back to LA" after the "necessary formalities" of unveiling a statue in honor of his mum Princess Diana alongside brother Prince William, a relationship expert has said.

The unveiling of Princess Diana's statue will take place in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace, believed to be the late Princess of Wales' favourite spot at her London residence.

And with Prince Harry now living in LA with wife Meghan Markle and their children Archie and Lilibet, the Duke of Sussex has had to travel back to the UK for the special occasion.

The visit will be undoubtedly difficult for the duke, following the revelation in his recent mental health documentary series The Me You Can't See that London is actually a 'trigger" for him.

And with reports that the relationships Harry has with his family members also currently being strained, a relationship expert has said it is likely he will want to make a quick return to LA to be with his family.

Tina Wilson, relationship guru and founder of Wingman has told the Daily Star that Harry's wife Meghan will be supporting him through his visit to the UK despite staying in the US to look after their two children Archie, 2, and newborn Lilibet.

Tina said: "With Harry’s recent confession of London being a big trigger for him, he will no doubt be facing some demons and will be made harder without Meghan by this side, with some sources saying it feels as though Meghan has left him to face the music alone yet again.

"Regardless of the reasoning it will be unavoidable but to feel anything but sadness as we see the boys remember and celebrate their mother."

She added: "Whilst this will celebrate some of Diana’s life, it cannot be ignored that the boys and extended family have been irrevocably damaged and whilst Harry chooses to share that mental torture more publically, it doesn’t mean that Wiliam will suffer any less.

"One thing is for sure, that Harry will be back in London for the necessary formalities and then straight on a plane back to LA."

In the documentary TV series The Me You Can't See, Harry reveals that he always "feels a bit tense and uptight" when landing in the UK.

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"For most of my life I always felt worried, concerned, a little bit tense and uptight whenever I fly back into the UK, whenever I fly back into London," he said.

"I was like 'Why do I feel so uncomfortable?'

"And I could never understand why. I was aware of it. I wasn't aware of it at the time I was younger but after I started doing therapy and stuff like that. I became aware of it.

"For me, London is a trigger because of what happened to my mum."

Daily Star has approached the Sussexes' Archewell representative for comment.

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