Harry’s biographer believes he ‘wants to destroy monarchy’ with royal attacks

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Prince Harry could be seeking to destroy the monarchy with his open revelations about the realities of royal life, his biographer has claimed.

Since moving to the US, Harry has made several accusations about what life as a Royal Family member is like.

He told Oprah Winfrey in March that he felt "trapped" and recently appeared on a podcast where he likened it to a "being in The Truman Show" and a "zoo".

Angela Levin, who spent considerable time with Harry writing his biography Conversations with the Prince, believes his criticisms show that he wants to "destroy the monarchy".

“He’s very resentful, and I think he wants to destroy the monarchy,” she said on Andrew Pearce's Mail+ podcast.

“I really believe that. I think he will go on and on. He is drawing in all these podcasts, people and all sorts of television programmes, because they love it that he is not being entirely inhibited, and is actually really making horrible comments that everybody will watch.

“I mean, if he's quiet and good, people won't think anything of him. So he's got to drum this up and use it.”

Levin, who has repeatedly criticised the Sussexes since they split from the Royal Family, suggested Harry's comments on the royals could be in part down to his upbringing.

"Diana used to treat them as if they were her best friends and her soulmate," she said.

"I don't think that's right. A child needs to be a child, a child can't be the mother's soulmate, because they haven't got the ability or the experience to do that.

"It gives them a feeling of inadequacy, that they can't make their mother happy. I think that that is contributing to his own feeling of incompetence – and means he's got to lash out at everybody else."

But, while many commentators have launched constant attacks on Harry and Meghan Markle in recent weeks, the couple have also garnered a legion of new fans who have praised the pair for bravely offering their side of the story to Oprah.

And their new Apple+ documentary charting people's battle against mental health has also been rightfully praised for shedding an important light on the topic.

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