Heartbroken wild monkey gives final goodbye kiss to human friend at his funeral

A video has captured the heartbreaking moment a grief-stricken monkey gave his human pal, who fed him every day, a final goodbye kiss at his funeral.

Before his death, Peetambaram Rajan, 56, would treat the wild grey langur with fruit and biscuits daily at his home in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.

The father-of-two died of a sudden illness on October 17, reported local media.

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But his furry friend got the chance to say goodbye as mourners brought the animal to the service and were amazed at how fond the monkey had become of him.

In the clip, the monkey was seen perching on the edge of Rajan's open coffin.

The animal then gently began cupping his chin as if trying to work out why his pal is so still and tried to hug the bloke's body.

It then leans over to plant a kiss on Rajan's face and grabbing his hands, as if trying to lead him away, becoming distressed by the loss of his friend.

Eventually, mourners gently carried the monkey away, but the video, which was recorded by a mourner, was posted online and racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

Social media user 'JP Mahanta' commented: "That man has earned the love, if there is a heaven for people, he is surely going there. Om Shanti."

And 'Udhishther Singh Karihal' wrote: "Respect. Very heart-touching. Om Shanti."

'Maureen Donaghey' remarked: "Wow. Brought tears here. And people say animals are not able to feel as we do."

And 'Beverly Fenton' observed: "We are all related."

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