Heatwave warning: UK on red hot weather alert as sweltering highs to last for WEEKS – maps

BBC Weather: Warmer conditions expected over next week

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The Met Office has issued an alert as Britons bask in boiling weather, with maximum temperatures as high as 29C near London and just a couple of degrees lower in areas all the way up to Northern England. Those highs will remain constant throughout this weekend, with the UK weather maps from Netweather turning blood red as Britons herald the latest heatwave. That trend continues into next week and will get even hotter, with the mercury surging to a sweltering high of 35C in London on Wednesday, and easily above 30C in several over southern areas of the country. 

Maximum temperatures nudge down ever so slightly over the following few days – only falling to a still-sweltering high of 26C on the the South East coast on Thursday.

But the scorching heat makes a rapid return in time for next weekend, with a baking high of 33C showing in London and on the south coast next Saturday.

Millions of other people throughout most of the UK won’t be left disappointed either, with the Midlands seeing highs of 28C and areas towards the North West and North East basking in 27C heat.

The UK weather map remains blood red for the following few days of that week, despite maximum temperatures marginally dipping below the 30C mark.

However, Wednesday July 20 sees these highs surge back up to 30C in a region of Southern England and 27C in Central Wales.

Southern England will continue to enjoy temperature highs of 28C in the days leading up to that following weekend but northern areas may start to notice a dip in the heat levels.

The Met Office has issued a “Level 3 Heatwave Action” warning for London, South East England and East of England, running from 9am next Monday until the same time next Friday.

This is triggered when the “Met Office confirms threshold temperatures for one or more regions have been reached for a day and the following night, and the forecast for the next day has a greater than 90 percent confidence level that the day threshold temperature will be met”.

The Met Office said alongside this alert: “There is increased confidence that temperatures will rise through the weekend, becoming widely hot, locally very hot from Monday next week.

“The highest confidence is for southeastern and eastern areas where temperatures are expected to reach the low 30s.

“There is an increased confidence for thresholds to be reached across much of the Midlands, and perhaps eastern parts of southwest England and southern parts of the northwest England and Yorkshire and Humber regions.

“Temperatures are likely to stay close to threshold through Wednesday, especially in for southern areas.

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“There is then uncertainty in maximum temperatures for later in the week and over the following weekend.

“There is the potential for a brief dip in temperatures on Thursday and early Friday, although still feeling very warm, which may result in alert levels being reduced.

“This will be followed by a return to hot or very hot temperatures from late Friday 15th and into the following week. This alert will be kept under review as confidence in the forecast increases.”

A “Level 2 Heatwave Action” warning has also been issued for most of the rest of England, except for North East England.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist David Oliver said: “We’re at the start of a stretch of warm weather for much of England and Wales, that could last for much of next week.

“In the short term, many can expect temperatures in the mid to high 20s Celsius over the weekend, and then in the low 30s Celsius during the start of next week.

“Much of next week will remain warm for the time of year as well as dry and sunny.”

Sam Hughes, National Water Safety Partner at the RNLI said: “It is great to hear that the sun is on its way but we want to remind everyone to stay safe at the coast.

“If you are planning on going to the beach we would encourage you to visit a lifeguarded beach and swim between the red and yellow flags.”

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