Hero nan fighting for life after saving toddler from jaws of ‘blood-crazed’ dog

A hero grandmother who saved her young granddaughter from being savaged by the family dogs is now fighting for her life.

The dogs, who "don't like children", snapped and ripped at the youngster's face before the hero gran, Dina Puc, 63, threw herself at the animals in the "blood-crazed" attack.

The 63-year-old is now fighting for her life after preventing the bull mastiffs from tearing the youngster's face off, instead sacrificing herself and being savaged by the vicious dogs.

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Dina is said to be in a critical condition and heading in for further surgery after medics and hospital staff battled to save her life in Queensland, Australia.

The three-year-old toddler suffered serious face, neck and chest wounds and required extensive stitches.

Grandfather Robert Puc admitted that "the dogs don't really like kids" and said that the dogs "just attacked" both his wife and granddaughter.

Robert said: "They were my own dogs. The last couple of weeks, my granddaughter has been with me when I've been feeding them but last night one of the dogs got on her and just attacked her.

"My wife jumped out and just covered her, lying on top of her whole body to protect her from the dogs, but they just latched onto her instead."

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Robert added that due to the lack of light, the dogs "had no idea who she was" and continued to maul Dina, while he tried to pull them off of her but they were "too powerful."

He added: "My wife saved my granddaughter. She's going to be okay – she's going to need some stitches. But my wife is not in a good way. It's very serious. She just went into surgery again today."

The dogs have since been impounded, with Brisbane City Council weighing up options for the dogs' future, Daily Mail reported.

A spokesperson for the council said: "Animal attacks are taken incredibly seriously and these animals are at council’s animal centre while investigations into this incident continue."

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