Honest travellers given key to pub by its revenge-seeking cleaner hand it in

Honest travellers who were ­given a key to a pub by its sacked cleaner simply handed it in.

Diane Moore, 52, wanted to get revenge and hoped they would burgle the boozer.

So she stole a key to the Meynell Ingram Arms in Hoar Cross, Staffs, copied it and dropped it off at a nearby travellers’ site with a note suggesting there was free food and drink and they could call any time.

But JPs heard the “good travellers” ­ignored the offer and gave it back.

Moore was given a 12-month community order, 28 days of unpaid work and told to pay £170 compensation, at Southern Derbyshire magistrates after admitting theft and harassment.

Katie Hamill, prosecuting, said Moore was fired after taking a key to let herself into the pub to clean at 2.30am when no staff were allowed inside without a manager present.

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Bosses had noted the cleaning 'wasn’t being done properly’.

Though she handed back the key she had secretly made a copy.

Ms Hamill said Moore `wanted revenge’ and had `dropped the copied key and a letter to a travellers’ site’.

“She knows there are good travellers and bad travellers,’’ the prosecutor said.

“She hoped they would be bad, criminally-motivated travellers and go and clear out the pub.

Pub bosses spent £170 changing the locks.

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