Horrifying moment Coca-Cola and Pepsi trucks collide and plough into bystander

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This shocking footage captures the moment a Coca Cola truck crashes into a Pepsi wagon which then ploughs into a bystander, leaving him injured.

The horrifying video clip shows the red truck carrying tons of Coca Cola slam into the side of blue truck carrying arch rivals Pepsi products.

The driver of the blue truck appears to see the Coke wagon as it approaches a cross roads and seems to attempt to swerve out of the way.

But the red truck doesn’t stop and smashes into the side of the cab.

The Pepsi truck shockingly ploughs into a pedestrian on the sidewalk of the street as he tries to run away, leaving him bloodied and battered on the ground.

The man appears to have been waiting to cross the road at the intersection and looks to try to flee when he sees the blue truck hurtling towards him.

But he doesn’t manage to get away in time and is struck by the vehicle, only comes to a halt when it hits the side of a building.

Dramatic video footage shows the man lying on his back as workers from the blue truck rush over to offer help.

Visibly distressed, the injured man cries out in pain as blood and dust cover his face.

The impact of the cash sees the Coca Cola truck plough into a telegraph pole before coming to a stop.

A passenger riding on the side of the red truck appears to fall off into the road too.

Two workers pile out of the Coca Cola truck to check on him as he sits up.

Further footage from the scene shows pieces of the blue cab strewn over the floor in the impact.

The white cab of the Coca Cola truck appears smashed in from the impact.

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The shocking crash happened on Friday, January 28, in Maracaibo, the second largest city in Venezuela.

Local police said the the crash happened on the cross roads as 70th Street meets with 25th Avenue in the Santa Maria neighbourhood of the city.

No update has been given on the man’s condition.

The soft drink giants have been competing with each other since the early 1900s, when Pepsi Cola was formed to rival the Coca Cola Company.

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