Horror as mothers and children flee after ‘genocidal’ Russia bombs maternity hospital

Ukraine: Derbyshire clashes with Russian guest over bombings

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Rescue workers were filmed searching through the rubble of the hospital in Zhytomyr after Russia bombed the building, sparking genocide claims.

It comes as UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warned Russia will “indiscriminately” bomb Ukrainian cities to break their resistance.

Expectant mothers in a maternity ward in Kherson have also been forced to take cover in the hospital’s makeshift bomb shelter in its basement.

Four mothers gave birth in the basement of the hospital, while the Kremlin has since claimed to have captured the city.

Sharing a video of the destroyed maternity hospital in Zhytomyr, Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affaris tweeted: “Maternity home in Zhytomyr destroyed with (Russian) calibres.

“If it’s not a genocide, what is that?”

A baby boy was born in the Ukrainian town of Novovolynsk, a few miles from the Polish frontier, in a makeshift bomb shelter in a hospital basement.

To mark his arrival, the hospital staff posted a defiant message on Facebook, which read: “Meet our newborn defender, 3.5kg, 55cms. On the fifth day of the war between Russia and Ukraine, a baby appeared at Novovolynsk hospital for a couple of immigrants from Kyiv.

“Alarm sirens are heard all over Ukraine, in Volyn (the district in which the hospital is located) as well. But life does not end even during the shelling. We wish the baby a peaceful sky.”

The invasion is on its seventh day and has already claimed the lives of many innocent children across Ukraine, as well as leaving a whole generation traumatised from seeing their country torn apart.

Amnesty International reported that a child along with two adult civilians were killed by cluster munitions while taking shelter at a nursery in Okhtyrka last week.

The weapons, which are largely banned under international law, are believed to have been used by Russian troops.

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The attacks on residential buildings and urban areas have brought fears that Russia is using some of the brutal genocidal tactics on Ukraine as it used in Syria.

Russian troops recklessly bombed Syria in 2016 during the battle for Aleppo, which saw the military target schools and hospitals.

Human Rights Watch reported that the month-long assault resulted in the deaths of more than 440 civilians, including more than 90 children.

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