Hosni Mubarak dead: Former Egyptian president dies aged 91

He had been in hospital for several weeks before his death. The Egyptian Independent, quoting his lawyer Farid al-Deeb, reported Mubarak had suffered complications after undergoing surgery on his intestines. News of his death comes over 48 hours after his son, Alaa Mubarak, confirmed he was still in intensive care.

On January 24, Alaa Mubarak revealed his father underwent surgery and his condition was stable, but no further details were provided.

Hosni Mubarak led Egypt for 30 years before he was forced to step down in February 2011 following following 18 days of protests around the country following the end of the Arab Spring revolution a month earlier.

This uprising convulsed autocratic regimes across the Middle East.

He was given a life sentence for the deaths of anti-Government protesters central to the revolution, but was released in 2017 after being acquitted of most charges.

Prior to becoming the country’s fourth President, Mubarak was a commander in the Egyptian Air Force for three years.

He became President following the assassination of former President Anwar Sadat, with whom he served as Vice-President.

Mubarak was regarded as a war hero by much of the country due to the time he served in the Egyptian Air Force.

He recently claimed he fired the first shots at an Israeli communications base from a fighter jet, and that he personally piloted six minutes before the attack even began.


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