Huge swarms of sugar-crazed wasps to sweep Britain and terrorise families

Huge swarms of sugar-crazed wasps are set to sweep Britain.

Exterminators have dubbed 2022 the “year of the wasp” because soaring temperatures have created ideal breeding conditions.

Sebastien Pommereul, of Stop wasps – Stop pests, said: “This year we are doing 10 to 12 interventions a day. Last year we were at five.”

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Wasps are also becoming more sugar-crazed as they seek new sources of energy.

Brits are being warned to avoid sweet products such as fizzy drinks and ice lollies to stop attracting them. Shoppers have even been buying £8.99 “fake nests” for their gardens.

Kameliya Ilieva, Pest Control Specialist at Fantastic Services, said: “Spraying a mixture of vinegar and water will irritate their sense of smell and keep them at bay without harming them.”

This comes Brits were warned not to kill wasps or flies that come indoors this summer.

A new study has shown that the UK's flying insect population has reduced by as much as 60% in the last 20 years.

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Conservation charities Buglife and the Kent Wildlife Trust are asking members of the public to count the number of insects splattered so they can compare results to a similar study from 2004.

England received a severe decrease in flying bugs, with 65% fewer insects recorded, and Scotland also saw a fall of 28%.

Paul Hadaway, director of conservation at Kent Wildlife Trust, said: "The results from the Bugs Matter study should shock and concern us all.

"We are seeing declines in insects, which reflect the enormous threats and loss of wildlife more broadly across the country."


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