Humans will ‘probably’ get to the moon before 2024, confident Elon Musk claims

Billionaire SpaceX founder Elon Musk has hinted that Starship could be ready to land astronauts on the moon before the originally planned 2024 launch date.

Musk responded to a tweet on Saturday asking the CEO whether the space vehicle will be ready to bring astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024, responding: "Probably sooner."

This goes against recent remarks from NASA's inspector general who said visiting the moon in this time frame was "not feasible" due to multiple delays in the development of spacesuits.

However, there are some signs that Musk's claims could be true.

The team at SpaceX recently mounted the Starship atop the 'Super Heavy Booster' and created the largest rocket ever.

Once an environmental review is conducted by the FAA the billionaire CEO will be able to give the go ahead for the rocket's first orbital test launch.

This could mean the Starship will be in orbit this summer.

NASA has also recently paid SpaceX a large $300 million payment for the projected $3 billion moon project, Fox Business reports.

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The Tesla CEO recently warned that humans must get to Mars because it is one of the few ways which mankind can survive long-term.

The eccentric billionaire said being able to live on different planets is essential to avoid the ‘Great Filter’ paradox which would lead to the end of life on Earth, reports Science Times.

Boffin Enrico Fermi’s ‘Great Filter’ paradox says because of the size and age of the universe, there is bound to be life out there much more advanced than ours.

And top scientists argue the reason we haven’t met any of this advanced life is because once a civilisation reaches a certain size, it ends up killing itself through natural disaster or war.

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