Humming noise ‘like a UFO’ keeping town up at night – even ‘deaf’ bloke hears it

Spooked-out Brits have spoken out about a strange humming sound that can be heard in the eerie hours of night.

The mysterious and "bizarre" noise has been going on for weeks and residents have described it as a " UFO hanging outside of your house."

The noise can be heard in different parts of Hucknall, Nottinghamshire, with residents perplexed by what the noise could be and questioning where it comes from.

And for those who are light sleepers, the bizarre hum must be a nightmare.

Residents have chimed in with suggestions, with 33-year-old Amazon worker Rachael Beckett saying: "I heard it at about four in the morning and the sound was very dominant.

"When I opened the window, the sound got louder. It sounds like a UFO hanging over your house. Me and my partner call it the Hucknall Hum."

Beckett is now using earplugs to block out the Hucknall Hum, which still has residents confused about where it is coming from and what is causing it.

Retired 70-year-old Alan Oliver has also said he can hear the humming, despite being deaf.

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He said: "I'm deaf and I have heard it. It's definitely coming from outside but it's not keeping me up at night. I used to work at the colliery."

Builder Daniel Martin, 35, is one of many locals trying to figure out the mystery noise.

Martin said: "I just want to know what it is. Some nights, the buzzing sound is just really loud and it's the only thing you can hear."

He continued: "I think that it could be a drone but I'm not sure, it's a mystery. When everyone finds out what it is. I bet it's going to be something really silly but if people can hear it from miles away, your guess is as good as mine.

"For those who can't sleep easily, it must be horrible. It's been going on for a while now and I'm baffled. I've ran out of ideas."

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